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​Kratom-Kava-CBD – “Natural alternatives for modern living”


Unadulterated plant matter, sourced straight from the jungles of Southeast Asia. The Kratom Shop only offers unprocessed, pure plant matter.


Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa), a tropical tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia, has many historical medicinal benefits. Its leaves can relieve pain, provide energy, reduce depression and anxiety, enhance mood and give an overall sense of well-being, ease opiate withdrawals and help treat addiction. It should never be used as a “legal high;” you will be sorely disappointed if that is your intent. If you abuse Kratom (take too much too often or use strong extracts regularly), it can be addictive to people prone to such behaviors, but the risk is low with the right precautions.
Kratom is an all-natural, safer alternative to opiate pain medications and so many other prescription drugs, causes few side effects and unlike opiates, does not cause respiratory depression which can be deadly . You can’t take too much or your body will reject it. With daily use you can develop dependency, as with anything you choose to take every day. Stopping use abruptly, like its family member coffee, can lead to withdrawal symptoms in some people. If this happens, while symptoms will be different for everyone, the leading complaint based on anecdotal reports is a runny nose.  Use wisely and responsibly, take breaks, have a plan in place to taper down and off and you will experience little, if any, discomfort.  


Kratom is legal in the United States everywhere but TN, IN, WI, VT, AR, AL, San Diego CA and Sarasota county in FL. It will not show up as an opiate or anything else on standard drug panel tests, though specific tests have been developed to detect one of its primary alkaloids, mitragynine.


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Don’t trust sketchy headshop Kratom with flashy labels, promising a “legal” high. Kratom is a healing plant, it is not meant to get anyone “high”. For these reasons we refuse to sell any of our botanical products to minors. You must be 18 or older to purchase any botanicals at The Kratom Shop. As always consult your physician before beginning any new supplement routine.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, this product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any illness.